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For expert carpet steam cleaning in Barrie, Call Champagne Cleaners

Last updated: August 18 2017

Champagne Cleaners In Barrie, Expert Steam Cleaning for your Carpets

Champagne Carpet Steam Cleaning is your local expert for any type of carpet cleaning including area rugs. broadloom, shag and wool. We also clean commercial carpets.

Champagne Carpet Cleaners can remove almost everything including:
- Coffee
- Tea
- Urine
- Wine
- Blood
- Chocolate Milk
- Orange Juice

We also offer Hypoallergenic cleaners for sensitivity and allergies ... More

Tags: area rug cleaning, special rug cleaning, flood restoration, carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, drapery cleaning, upholstery cleaning

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Champagne Cleaning
serving Barrie, Ontario and area